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Single Bed Factory-Several Material Beds: Introduction

The bed can be said to occupy a very important position in our daily
life. One third of people's time is spent on the bed. According to different
materials, common beds can be roughly divided into solid wood beds, plate beds,
and metals. Bed, rattan bed, leather bed, cloth bed and other categories.

1. What are the types of beds
1. Wrought iron bed: It is made of metal
material, its exquisite forging, hand-carved romantic French carvings, and four
iron pillars designed for hanging elegant lace tents, if you then light aromatic
candles, essential oil lamps and other fragrances The product is accompanied by
a French Champs Elysees style and romantic debut; sturdiness is another
advantage of wrought iron bed frames.

2. Soft bed: There are two types of soft bed: art bed and leather-bed
combination bed. Compared with other beds, more attention is paid to the user's
comfort experience, including the soft bed with massage function, but the price
is higher.

3. Wooden bed: The wooden bed is also known as the hard board bed. It has
better air permeability. Compared with the general mattress, the wooden bed has
a higher hardness. The wooden bed is generally made of all solid wood, which is
environmentally friendly. Very prominent.

4. Bunk bed: This bunk bed was created based on the narrow interior space
and large number of people. The bunk bed is generally a bunk bed style, but now
the latest is a structure with a lower width and a narrower style to avoid
excessive dimness and The disadvantage of bad air.

Second, according to the use function of the bed
According to the
function of the bed, it can be divided into single bed, dual bed and

1. Single bed: bed mainly used for sleeping
2. Dual-purpose bed: a bed
that can be used for sitting and lying
3. Multi-purpose bed: a bed that can
meet various purposes such as sitting, lying, storing, and placing

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