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Tips For Choosing A Household Wardrobe

At present, the competition in the custom wardrobe industry is
fierce, and the market is flooded with fake and substandard "cottage" products.
In order to help everyone prevent being pitted, Hangzhou Dingli Industry and
Trade Co., Ltd. teaches you a few tricks to buy wardrobes!

First, look at the board, look at the board through simple
"look", "smell" and "cut" when buying in the specialty store. "Wang" refers to
seeing whether the edge of the plate is cut smoothly, whether there is chipping;
"smell" mainly uses the nose to smell the odor in the cabinet to determine
whether the plate has a pungent odor, whether it is environmentally friendly,
and if it is very irritating The smell is likely to be high in formaldehyde;
"Ask", that is, to ask whether the environmental protection level of the
shopping guide board in the specialty store is up to the standard, and require
it to show the relevant inspection report and certificate; "cutting" is mainly
to touch the cutting surface of the board with the hand Is there any stinging
feeling at the place where the edge bands are connected? A good wardrobe brand
feels smooth and smooth to the touch.

Second, looking at the details of the process, the "cottage"
wardrobe board is usually processed with small domestic equipment, and there are
many problems such as saw teeth, edge collapse, and hole collapse. Their edge
banding is general, the technology is relatively rough, there is a clear
"boundary line" between the edge band and the board, and the integrity is poor.
There is a black line between the edge band and the board. The corner joint of
the edge band is not smooth, and some are for cost savings. Only one side of the
glossy surface is sealed, and the other three sides of the laminate are not
sealed. This will not prevent the release of formaldehyde, and it will reduce
the moisture resistance of the board. Over time, the laminate may be swelled and
deformed by moisture, and even the surface may peel.

Third, look at the product packaging. The formal wardrobe brand
will have the company's LOGO printed on the outer packaging of the product,
including the edge sealant, and adopt unified regular packaging. At the same
time, the packaging box will indicate the customer's address, the number of
goods and other content. Some small hardware parts are also packed in layers,
which is extremely meticulous. The outer packaging of the cottage products is
certainly not so meticulous and rigorous.

4. After looking at the logistics delivery note, purchase the
wardrobe and ask the specialty store to provide the logistics delivery note, and
then call the logistics company's departure station to check to see if the
product is produced and shipped from the original factory. Some wardrobe brands
only export brands and product cultures to distributors, and products are
processed locally by distributors. Therefore, it is very likely that "the one
you bought is a branded product, but the quality of the product is very
disproportionate to its brand".

Fifth, look at the after-sales warranty card. Generally
speaking, most after-sales warranty cards of wardrobe brands are either carried
along with the goods in the package of the goods or provided directly by the
local specialty store, but these two methods have loopholes, and it is difficult
to avoid fraud. . Therefore, the most safe way is to post-sale warranty card
directly from the manufacturer to the customer, completely eliminating the
intermediate loopholes, users can directly contact the manufacturer according to
the information on the warranty card received, check the production

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