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Mechanical Kwh Meter -Application Characteristics Of Smart

In order to meet the future demand for household smart meters
and supporting the construction of smart grids, the country is actively
promoting the use of smart meters, and at the same time paving the way for the
implementation of ladder electricity prices. Smart meters allow customers to
keep abreast of electricity prices for sale, make plans for household
electricity consumption, and achieve energy-saving and low-carbon life. It has
high-precision, intelligent deduction, electricity price inquiry, power storage,
meter reading time freezing, balance alarm, remote information transmission and
other high-tech functional features, which can avoid human errors to the
greatest extent and will not affect customers' normal power consumption
Customers who use electricity understand consumption and integrity, and lay a
solid foundation for smart electricity consumption.

The benefits of smart meters are these:

1. Save electricity costs: users can make full use of the
difference between peak and valley electricity prices to customize their own
electricity plan, so that they can use the same electricity and spend less

2. Independent and transparent consumption: Users can check
their current electricity prices and remaining electricity bills on
computers/mobile phones/WeChat to easily grasp electricity consumption
information and realize clear consumption.

3. Payment is more convenient and fast: users can pay and
recharge on mobile phones and WeChat, making payment more convenient.

4. Avoid power outages due to arrears: When the balance is
insufficient, the smart meter will automatically alert the user in time to
remind the user to pay and recharge, and avoid the loss caused by the power
outage due to arrears.

5. The prepayment function is more flexible: the smart meter can
recharge the mobile phone online, pay first and then use the electricity, no
longer need to pay to the business hall every month, reducing the waiting

6. Avoid human errors: Smart meters can be actively settled
according to the user's electricity consumption, avoiding the errors that
traditional manual meter reading methods may bring.

7. Effectively prevent the failure of the electric meter:
Through the remote information transmission function of the smart electric
meter, the electric power worker can monitor the working state of the electric
meter in real time, discover the electric meter failure in time, and avoid
causing losses to the user.

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