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Rail Meter - Rail-Mounted Energy Meter: Application

mounted energy meter is a new generation of mini smart energy meter. It is used
in 380V/220V terminal lighting system. It adopts standard DIN35mm rail type
installation. The structure is modular design. The width is matched with the
miniature circuit breaker. It can be easily installed in the lighting box.

electric meter uses LCD display to measure electrical energy and other
electrical parameters. It can set parameters such as clock and rate period, and
has the function of electrical energy pulse output. RS485 communication
interface can be used to realize data exchange with the host

rail-mounted energy meter has the advantages of small size, high precision, good
reliability, and easy installation. The performance indicators meet the
technical requirements of the national standard GB/T 17215, GB/T 17883 and the
power industry standard DL/T614 for the energy meter. It is applicable to the
sub-metering of electric energy in government agencies and large-scale public
construction, and it can also be used in enterprises and institutions for
electric energy management assessment.

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supplier of 3 phase electricity meter and din rail meter .
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